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Education Portal Adds Free AP College Prep Courses for High School Students

Sillicon Valley courseware developer Education Portal has added 13 free online advanced placement (AP) courses designed to help high school students prepare for their college entry exams.

The new roster of AP course materials cover lessons in calculus, chemistry, English language and literature, European history, macroeconomics, physics, psychology, and United States and world history.

Education Portal's open education platform is an online portal that allows students to work from anywhere at their own pace at no charge. Taught by expert instructors, each subject area includes a series of approximately 100 5-10-minute video lessons that are accompanied by a quiz designed to reinforce the concepts of the materials presented, along with a complete transcript of the video lesson. Although the course lessons have a sequential order, the self-navigable, stand-alone lessons can be omitted or moved around to suit specific lesson plans or learning styles.

In addition to the new AP courses, Education Portal offers business and GED mastery courses, as well as courses that cover a full range of academic subjects, including math, science, history, English, and psychology.

"With the cost of college on the rise, and student loan debt reaching $1 trillion, a higher education is becoming out of reach for many students," said Ben Wilson, president of Education Portal, in a prepared statement. "AP exams allow students to earn low cost credit and eliminate the need for student loans."

Education Portal offers free, online courses that help students earn college credit, as well as pass the GED exam. Taught by experienced instructors and subject matter experts, Education Portal's courses consist of more than 2,200 micro-lessons designed specifically for the online learner.

For more information about Education Portal, visit education-portal.com.

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