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President and CEO of Florida Virtual School Retires

Julie Young has announced her retirement as president and CEO of Florida Virtual School.

FLVS is a statewide public school district in Florida that provides online education for K-12 students throughout the state, as well as for students across the United States and around the world. Young founded the school in 1997 and has been its president and CEO for its entire 17-year history. Prior to launching FLVS, she was a public educator for 13 years.

The FLVS Board of Trustees has launched a national search for the next president and CEO of the school. According to information released by FLVS, the board is looking for somebody who has experience as a leader and innovator, embodies the values of FLVS and has the ability to guide the organization to the next stage of technology-based education. According to a statement from the school, "Young will be working closely with the Board and her leadership team to ensure a smooth transition."

When Young first launched FLVS in 1997, it was an Internet high school with 77 students. Since then it has grown to become its own public school district with five schools serving more than 410,000 students. In 2000, Young created FLVS Global School, a not-for-profit, Internet-based public school serving approximately 150,000 students in grades 6 to 12 around the world.

Further information about Florida Virtual School can be found on the FLVS site.

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