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Absolute Manage 6.5 Will Automate BYOD Management

Absolute Software Corporation, a provider of persistent endpoint security and management solutions, has updated its Absolute Manage system. Absolute Manage 6.5 will automate BYOD polices for laptops, tablets and smartphones from a single console. It will provide enrollment workflows as well as remote and automated security protocols, allowing IT administrators to remotely engage with all devices, regardless of form factor.

The new Absolute Manage will also integrate with Cisco’s Identity Service Engine (ISE). This means that if a device attempts to access the network, its Absolute Manage enrollment status will automatically be checked. If a device is not enrolled, ISE can redirect it to complete enrollment before allowing it access to the network.

With this release, Absolute Manage will also support Samsung KNOX, a containerization solution native to Samsung’s hardware and Android OS. Using KNOX, IT can create a secure workspace on Samsung devices that can be managed like a separate device. All data and apps within the container are separated from personal data and apps. Samsung KNOX allows users to move from personal to educational accounts and apps while allowing IT to apply separate policies to the device’s personal and educational workspaces.

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