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Sycamore School Adds Google Classroom Coursework Integration

Sycamore Education now integrates with Google Classroom Coursework, expanding the number of Google Apps for Education tools integrated with Sycamore Education's Web-based school management system.

Sycamore School is an all-in-one school management system for K-12 schools that includes features such as an attendance manager, classroom management tool, gradebook, individualized education plan (IEP) manager and a parent portal. According to information on the company's site, Sycamore School already supported integration with numerous Google Apps for Education tools, including Google Drive, Google Mail, Google Calendar and Google Books and has now added integration with Google Classroom Coursework.

In 2015, Google launched its application programming interface (API) for Google Classroom, and on May 18, 2016, the company introduced new API endpoints for Google Classroom Coursework, allowing developers to access assignments, grades and workflow, according to the Google for Education blog. As an Early Access Partner for Google Classroom, Sycamore Education developed the integration between Sycamore School and Google Classroom Coursework and released it within days of Google's public announcement of the API endpoints for Coursework.

With this integration, Sycamore School has expanded its ability to merge school data with Google features and tools. Now, when teachers create assignments or enter grades in Google Classroom, Coursework allows that information to be transferred into the gradebook in Sycamore School, eliminating the need to transfer grades manually or use an export and import process, according to a news release from the company.

"Through the connection of Google Classroom and Sycamore School, teachers can take advantage of a multitude of online learning tools that work together and create a cohesive workflow," stated a news release from Sycamore Education. The company plans to offer additional integrations as Google Apps for Education continues to add functionality.

Further information about Sycamore School's integration with Google Apps for Education can be found on Sycamore Education's site.

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