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JoomlaLMS Mobile App Released

JoomlaLMS — a learning management system built around the open source Joomla CMS — is now available as an Android compatible mobile app. An iOS compatible version should be available within a week, the company said in a statement.

The app functionality allows students to be aware of course announcements, check course and teacher information and view grades and certificates.

“The JoomlaLMS mobile app is not a JoomlaLMS web browser version replacement, but a learning application developed to maximize the training effectiveness,” said Denis Pavlysh, head of JoomlaLMS’ development team, in a prepared statement. “When we were developing the application, we primarily thought about its usability, intuitive interface and ease of use. We didn’t intend to squeeze all the JoomlaLMS features available in there.”

The JoomlaLMS mobile app allows the following:

  • Viewing course information and taking a course in a browser;

  • Checking the course, quizzes, SCORM-conformant content and assignment grades;

  • Keeping track of course announcements;

  • Viewing certificates;

  • Checking students’ (pass or fail) and course (active or expired) statuses.

To access the app functionality, users need to log in using a JoomlaLMS registered account and type the JoomlaLMS site address. More information can be found at JoomlaLMS’s website.

JoomlaLMS is an e-learning platform with a range of features developed for the open source Joomla CMS. Founded in 2006, JoomlaLMS became one of the first learning solutions for the company of the same name.

Today, the LMS is being used by more than 1000 businesses, including higher education, banking, insurance, healthcare, retail and others.

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