Hands-On Kits ‘Power’ Solar Education

Two new kits from REcharge Labs encourage students explore solar power by conducting hands-on experiments.

Educators looking to teach solar energy can now use hands-on kits to engage students. REcharge Labs has expanded its line of renewable energy kits to include two new activity sets that illustrate solar energy concepts.

Recommended for students in grades 2–12, the Solar Cork Boat kit demonstrates how solar energy can be harnessed to do work. Students will learn basic circuitry to connect a motor to the solar panel. Then, using a simple engineering design, they will build the paddles that propel the boat through water as far and fast as possible. The contents of the Solar Cork Boat include cork sheets, a geared motor, a waterproof solar motor and more.

The Solar Scavenger Hunt kit encourages students in grades 4–12 to explore and investigate which light sources create the most solar power. After testing various light sources, the students will measure solar power output and then analyze the variables that influence solar output, such as shade and temperature. The contents of the Solar Scavenger Hunt kit include a multimeter, solar panel, light bulbs and other materials.

The Solar Cork Boat and the Solar Scavenger Hunt are now available as individual kits and class packs, ranging in price from $27.00 to $135.00. Both are built for repeated use and are intended to last several school years.

Further information about the pricing is available on the REcharge Labs site.

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