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Pearson Realize Integrates OpenEd OER

Teachers using Pearson Realize, a learning management system (LMS) for K-12, can now access open educational resources (OER) from OpenEd through the LMS.

OpenEd offers a resource library of more than one million assessments, videos, games and lesson plans that have been vetted by the company. Each question in OpenEd's assessments is associated with an instructional resource. When students answer a question incorrectly, they can link to a specific video or game designed to teach that learning objective. OpenEd tracks the effectiveness of each resource in improving students' scores, and updates its suggestions accordingly.

With the integration of OpenEd into Pearson Realize, teachers can now use single sign-on to access OpenEd through Pearson Realize, search OpenEd's library of resources, and assign assessments and their associated instructional materials to students.

Some of OpenEd's resources include:

  • Math games for English language learners from Althea Publishers;
  • Math, English, history and other topics presented through song from Flocabulary;
  • Math, language, geography and other games from Gynzy;
  • Guidance and lesson plans for integrating education technology into English language arts and math classes, from PowerUp What Works;
  • K-6 math games from SplashMath;
  • Music-based phonics instruction from Let's Start Smart; and
  • Math instructional resources from BrainQuake.

OpenEd was acquired by testing provider ACT in 2016 and is now a member of the ACT Assessment Technologies group. Other companies that have integrated OpenEd into their education technology products include Renaissance Learning, Google, Microsoft, Chalkable and Agilix, as well as Pacific Metrics, which is also part of the ACT Assessment Technologies group.

OpenEd integration is available now as part of the latest update to Pearson Realize. 

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Leila Meyer is a technology writer based in British Columbia. She can be reached at [email protected].