Adaptive Learning

Waggle Expands Administrator Tools

Source: Waggle.

An adaptive learning platform covering math and English language arts curricula for grades 2–8 has added new tools that allow administrators to measure students’ academic progress and collaborate with teachers on individualized instruction.

With Waggle, students can work through practice items at their own pace and teachers can analyze individual student choices, learning behaviors and progress. Last week, the web-based platform launched the Administrator Dashboard, which provides administrators with a snapshot of an entire school’s progress in real time. In addition, the platform can now generate an Interactive Growth Map for a visual representation of students’ progress.

“This on demand, more accurate view of student learning, allows [administrators] to work with teachers to better ensure students’ continued growth and help teachers maximize limited classroom time,” a news release said.

Since the platform's launch in 2014, approximately 14,000 teachers and 200,000 students have used Waggle in their classrooms. To learn more, visit the Waggle site.