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Phonics Lessons Available for Free Download

Primary Concepts, a provider of early education curricula, has released 81 free lessons on phonics concepts.

Image Credit: Primary Concepts.

Offered in the form of an e-book, FREEPhonics lessons use a step-by-step approach, “beginning with the simplest CVC words and progressing sequentially through blends, digraphs, diphthongs, consonant and vowel pairs, and 'r'-controlled vowels,” according to a company statement.

The curriculum is ideal for intervention, small group or whole class work. Each lesson comes with built-in printable assessments to document student progress. The e-book has 66 reproducible letter titles, sorting grids and a sorting mat. A web-based demonstration app is available for teachers to intervene to point out important concepts.

The eBook can be found here.