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Stride Launches New High School Internship Site and Employer Guide to Creating Internship Programs

In an effort to connect more students with innovative companies and career experiences, Stride has launched a new High School Internship Search Tool and Employer Resource Center, supporting employers in designing and implementing a robust high school internship program, the company said.

The High School Internship Search Tool includes open internships, career development content, and jobs specifically for high school students looking to gain work experience and career skills before graduation. Companies listing their opportunities on the platform will be able to connect with Stride Success Coaches to share their internships and jobs with the 40,000-plus students enrolled in Stride Career Prep programs nationwide, according to a news release.

More than 80 percent of high school students want more access to internships, according to Naviance Pathways research, and a 2021 survey found that 94% of employers believe students “learn best by experiencing the real world through opportunities like internships and job shadowing programs,” the company said. “Stride’s Internship Search Tool and Employer Resource Center will meet the needs of students looking for professional experience and of employers seeking motivated young talent.”

The Employer Resource Center aims to help hiring companies create and manage a meaningful internship program at their organization, with free guidelines, best practices, and resources; the site’s guidance covers successful in-person, virtual, or hybrid internship programs. “The Resource Center is focused on showing employers how and why they should hire high school students as interns, the types of jobs best suited for high schoolers, and Stride’s Ultimate Internship Playbook for Employers includes sample interview questions and templates for job descriptions, progress reporting, and evaluations,” the company said.

Stride’s new tools build on the company’s Career Prep program and its Stride K12 digital learning courses, offered in more than 2,000 public and private schools in all 50 states and online. The Career Prep program, for middle and high school students, includes career-specific electives, preparation for industry certification exams, and access to support services such as networking opportunities and career clubs.

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