Report Finds Educators Feel Mixed Curiosity and Apprehension About AI; More Training Needed

The nonprofit AI Education Project (aiEDU) recently released a Pulse Survey Report finding that educators "feel a mix of curiosity and apprehension about integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into the classroom." And while educators surveyed believe AI should be part of the curriculum, most haven't used it or been trained to use it.

Between November and December 2023, 1,054 K–12 educators across the United States filled out an online survey created by aiEDU and hosted by Alchemer.

Key report takeaways include:

  • Eighty percent of educators agree that professional development on AI should include its implications, and students, especially those in the younger grades, should learn how to use AI;
  • Although they have heard of it, a majority of K–12 educators (52%) have not used AI;
  • Although 55% of educators are somewhat or extremely fearful about using AI in the classroom, most still think it should be part of the curriculum;
  • Although many educators recognize the benefits of AI, most (65%) are more concerned with its potential "pitfalls"; and
  • K–12 administrators (62%) are more hopeful than teachers about the impact AI could have on teaching and learning.

As a result of the survey's findings, aiEDU offered the following recommendations:

  • Develop and implement AI literacy programs for teachers;
  • Create and encourage collaboration avenues for educators to share AI experiences, useful strategies, and teaching materials;
  • Ensure AI access for all students regardless of background;
  • Include ethical AI use policies as part of the curriculum; and
  • Ensure ongoing educator professional development in all aspects of AI in education.

The report can be downloaded here.

Visit aiEDU's About page to learn more about the organization.

About the Author

Kate Lucariello is a former newspaper editor, EAST Lab high school teacher and college English teacher.