Grants for Your Classroom, School & District

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The following grants, sorted by application due date, are available for K-12 institutions in the United States. This list will be updated continuously, so check back often! You can scroll down to browse all the grants or view the grants by institution type:

If you have a grant that should be listed here, please contact David Nagel.

AAPT High School Physics Teacher Grant

Win $500 for your physics classroom

Discovery Research K-12 Grants

Awards funds for the development of K-12 STEM resources

Captian Planet Foundation Grants

Awards up to $2,500 for ecologically friendly school projects

From Failure to Promise Grant

Win $500 for your classroom

The Fredereck and Florence Bauder Endowment for the Support of Physics Teaching

Awards funds for the development of a new apparatus for physics teaching

United Technologies Business Unit Grant

Sponsors STEM programs in K-12 schools and higher education institutions

ChemClub Community Activities Grants

Win up to $500 for your chemistry club project

Dominion K-12 Educational Partnership Grants

Win up to $10,000 for your classroom project

ESA Foundation School Grants

Awards funds for school and youth programs that affect youth in two or more states

Jan Stauber Grant

Win $500 for introducing your English class