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Ransomware Hits Baltimore County Schools Thanksgiving Eve

Baltimore County Public School students returned to class, via remote instruction, while the district continued dealing with a ransomware attack that struck the day before Thanksgiving.

Microsoft, Open Data Institute Announce Broadband Data Challenge

Microsoft has co-launched the "Education Open Data Challenge," to establish the link between broadband access and K-12 learning outcomes.

Texas County Contracts to Build Private Wireless Network to Support Rural Students

A Texas county with an all-digital public library is taking on the job of developing a private wireless network to support its rural and economically poor students.

State of Utah Begins Work on Private LTE Network for Education, Healthcare

A network that connects Utah's K-12 schools, colleges and universities, public libraries and healthcare providers is forging ahead with plans to set up a private LTE network, to address the digital divide.

CatchOn Adds Student-Level Data to App Usage Monitoring

CatchOn, an education technology company that produces a data analytics utility for measuring usage of applications through the network for the purposes of tracking technology investments, has introduced a module to generate student-level data. The new tool helps educators monitor when and how each student uses online tools and resources on his or her school-owned device.

10G Networks on 2021 Horizon, Promise Millisecond Latency

10G offers the promise of delivering 10 times the current most prevalent maximum speeds offered to consumers.

Miami-Dade Debacle Leaves Teachers Scrambling

In a lengthy message, Miami-Dade County School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho attempted to calm his district community after a chaotic start-of-school week that included distance learning outages and an about-face on usage of a new learning platform.

K–12 Data Privacy During a Pandemic

K-12 privacy expert Amanda Vance shares the four questions that still matter: What data is being collected? Who has access to it? How will it be shared? And how will it be protected?

VMware Horizon 8 Adds Instant Cloning, More Cloud Support

VMware has introduced updates to its flagship virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) platform with the introduction of Horizon 8, as well as new additions to its VMware Workspace ONE, its digital workspace platform.

Sending AI Off to School

Can machine learning really free up time dedicated to grunt work, giving your educators more time for working with students?