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Industry Group Tackles AI Safety and Security

Tech giants Google, Microsoft, Amazon, OpenAI and others have formed a new industry group aimed at promoting AI safety and security standards.

OpenAI Introduces Slimmer, Cheaper GPT-4o Mini

OpenAI has announced the launch of GPT-4o Mini, a slimmed down, more affordable version of its flagship multimodal GPT-4o model.

FCC Expands E-Rate to Support Loaner WiFi Hotspots for Students

The Federal Communications Commission has officially approved an expansion of the E-Rate program that will allow schools and libraries to utilize E-Rate resources to loan out WiFi hotspots to students, school staff, and library patrons who lack internet access at home.

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Kaspersky Shuts Down U.S. Operations

Security software company Kaspersky has announced it is closing down its United States operations. The news comes just days before a federal ban on sales of its products was set to take effect, due to concerns about cyber espionage.

Google Adds AI Video Creator to Workspace Labs

Google has added a new AI-powered video creation service as part of its Workspace Labs program, where users can try out new AI features.

Boxlight Intros Unified Solution for Campus Communication, Instruction, and Safety

Boxlight has announced the debut of FrontRow UNITY and FrontRow UNITY Campus, a product that unifies solutions for institutional technology, campus communication, classroom audio, and emergency notification and response into a single device.

Researchers Provide Taxonomy of Gen AI Misuse

To clarify the potential risks of GenAI and provide "a concrete understanding of how GenAI models are specifically exploited or abused in practice, including the tactics employed to inflict harm," a group of researchers from Google DeepMind, Jigsaw, and Google.org recently published a paper entitled, "Generative AI Misuse: A Taxonomy of Tactics and Insights from Real-World Data."

Amazon Initiative Offers Free AI Tools to Public Sector Orgs

Amazon Web Services is launching a $50 million fund that will give public sector organizations a chance to tap into its portfolio of cloud-based AI tools.

Cloud AI Slides to Rock Bottom in Gartner 'Hype Cycle'

Cloud AI services have been downgraded from the "slope of enlightenment" to the "trough of disillusionment," according to Gartner's latest report on AI trends.