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Helium Bill Floats $270 Million to Rural Education

Rural education is receiving federal funding from an unexpected source: helium. Amid the federal government shutdown, the United States House and Senate passed a measure last week dealing with helium reserves that also reauthorized the Secure Rural Schools and Community Self-Determination program, affecting funding for more than 4,000 schools.

Walker County Schools Upgrades Firewalls, Rebuilds Data Center After Tornado

A Georgia school district is continuing to refine its network security after living for a couple of years with an infrastructure that had to be rebuilt after being eradicated in a tornado.

Registration Opens for NYU-Poly Hacking Competition

More than 10,000 participants from around the world will compete this month in an online contest designed to challenge and test their cyber security skills.

Washington State District Issuing Panic Devices

Grandview Middle School is outfitting its teachers and staff with small, lightweight radio frequency identification devices that can be used to notify others quickly in the event of an emergency.

Panic Badges: VA's Patrick Henry High Staff Wear Emergency Switches on Lanyards

A high school in Glade Spring, VA is implementing a wireless alerting and panic button system for its teachers.

School a Hotspot for Mobile Device Thievery

For the second year in a row public schools top the list of the most popular locations for thefts of mobile devices to occur in the United States.

Bradford Networks Launches Cloud-Based NAC Service for Schools

Bradford Networks, a provider of secure network access control (NAC) solutions, has launched its new Network Sentry cloud service.

Boston Public Schools Adds Anti-Bullying Texting to Hotline Service

Three and a half years after the City of Boston implemented a "bullying prevention hotline," Boston Public Schools has expanded options by adding a texting service for a similar purpose.

Alabama District Adds Home Page Anonymous Reporting Service

An Alabama school district has put in place a reporting system that allows students and others to report sensitive information anonymously from its home page online.

Texas District Tries Alert Buttons To Improve Security

A Texas district is outfitting teachers and staff with a small alerting device they can press in the event of an emergency.

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