Expert Perspectives

Taking a Data-First Approach to IDEA Compliance

Technology can streamline monitoring, inform outcomes, and ultimately help states and districts better serve students with disabilities.

The Potential of High-Impact Tutoring

The billions of dollars spent on solutions new and old to address COVID-related learning loss have not yet had the impact they were meant to have. This is why high-impact tutoring deserves our continued attention.

Helping High School Students Earn Higher Pay with Industry Certificates

High school robotics teacher Anthony Young shares his experiences with providing students pathways to certifications, helping them land high-paying jobs straight out of school.

How Can AI in Instructional Coaching Increase Equity?

Here are three ways to explore the ways AI can make a positive impact on education and ensure that all students have equal opportunities to succeed.

Addressing Chronic Absenteeism Requires a Collaborative Approach

Positive, proactive communication with families can help educators address the root causes of chronic absenteeism.

10 AI Skillsets for the Digital Native Educator

These skills collectively empower educators to navigate and leverage the evolving landscape of generative AI to enhance teaching and learning in meaningful ways. Integrating AI into education requires a combination of these skillsets along with a forward-thinking and intellectually curious mindset.

The Urgent Need to Expand Access to Computer Science Education

The release of generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard has shined a light on the impacts of technology in education and in society. Technology is a fundamental part of our lives and continues to evolve at lightning speed.

When Does It Make Sense to Move Legacy Technology to the Cloud?

While many districts continue to move to cloud environments due to their collaboration capabilities, scalability, and improved security, sometimes legacy systems can make sense too.

6 Suggestions IT Teams Should Ask Teachers When Evaluating Unapproved Technology

When IT teams are evaluating technologies for the classroom, the teacher's perspective shouldn’t be discounted. Teachers have a unique — and likely the best-informed — view of which tools will engage students and which will be distracting.

Session Picks: Tech Tactics 2023

Our inaugural event for IT leaders in K–12 kicks off in November in Orlando, and we have an incredible lineup of information-packed sessions, workshops, and keynotes from CIOs and CISOs representing districts from across the country.