In Pursuit of "World Standards"

Multimedia and Cultural Diversity

Bring Intercultural Encounters into Classrooms: IECC Electronic Mailing Lists

Use of Computers at High Schools in Turkey

Product Focus

Digital Color Printer Does 20 ppm & More

Graphics Tablet Comes With Cordless Pen

Digital Film Recorder Maximizes Sharpness

Tiny Video Camera Is for Robotic Trainer

Zip Drive Puts 100MB In Pocket for $200

New CD-i Player Boasts Disk Drive

Video Editing Sys. Is An Edit&endash;Suite&endash;in&endash;a&endash;Box

HP Color Printers Sell For Under $300

MM Notebooks Are Pentium Powerhouses

PC Keyboard Features Adjustable Halves

Furniture Line Suits Needs of Education

New Notebook Line Packs Pentium Punch

Play Dual-Sided Videodiscs w/ Ease

Binder System Produces Professional Doucuments

Storage System Creates Aisles Automatically

Photo ID Card Printer Makes "Smart" Cards

K-6 Title Reveals Human Body "Secrets"

Whiteboard Supplies More Room to Write

Protect Computers And Office Equip.

Whiteboard Links to PCs Around World


"Super Magnet" High School Delivers Curriculum Over High-Speed Network

CD Network in Carrollton Is Helping to Literally Change Learning

LCD Projectors Aid Presentation in "Courtroom of the Future"

Arizona School's New Language Lab Adds More Than Expected

AT&T Offers Wide Range of Communications Solutions for Education

Technology Sheds Light on Evidence in O.J. Simpson Murder Trial


Guest Editorial (untitled)

International Education

Ed-Tech Trends

Presentation Devices Extend Reach Of Information to Entire Groups

Multimedia News

Mac Now Speaks Three New Languages

PC-to-Video Converters Easy to Use & Purchase

Impact of Multimedia On Education Defined

Nat'l Geographic Has '96 Video Catalog

Children Learn Mexican Culture with Ozzie S. Otter

Explore Trio of Ancient Civilizations

Explore the Aleutian Trench, Everest in 3D

Video Tutorials Teach Mac's System 7.5

CDs Assist Decision Making, Leader Skills

Sys. Helps Students Choose Careers

Create Full-Fledged Multimedia Products

Tales Bring Reading To Life for Kids

Learn to Speak, Read Modern Hebrew

News/In Brief

Co. Helps Communities Design, Manage Schools

Japan & U.K. Projects Supported by IBM

Partner Program Gives Focused Lotus Training

Project Offers Kids Free Music Education

Apple Prods Offered Direct to High Ed.

CBS News Archives Available as Resource

Conference Features Well-Known Authors

Book Helps Ease New OS User's Fears

Center Supplies Tech Training & Seminars


SW for "Safe Surfing" Has Broader Reach

K-12 DL From All Vendors Detailed

WP Creates, Converts Docs into HTML-Ready

ISDN Comes to Multi-Point Videoconf. Sys.

Turn Any Server Into A CD Server by SW

Grants Available for Committed Schools

Built-in Connectors Are Plus for Modems

CoSN Conference Is On K-12 & the NII

College ID Cards Will Make Life Convenient

Students Apply to Colleges on Web

Firm's Routers Sweeten Use of Ga.'s PeachNet

Gain Access to a Multitude of Pubs.

Wireless Keypads Replace Hand-Raising


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