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T.H.E. News UpdateT.H.E. News Update is a weekly newsletter covering the latest in technology trends, tools, and usage for K-12 instruction and administration. Opinion pieces by leading technology experts and visionaries provide insight on a variety of critical issues. News, announcements, and need-to-know statistics give readers a quick look at timely news and events affecting the education community. Published weekly.

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Survey: 93 Percent of Teachers Believe That Personal Devices Connect Students to Real-World Learning (06/24/15)

Education Groups Demand Vote on Federal Education Overhaul Bill (06/23/15)

Report: Low Impact 'Distractors' Weakening Ed (06/18/15)

Report: 6 of 10 Millennials Have 'Low' Technology Skills (06/17/15)

Report: Video Games Can Sub for Outdoor Play Time (06/16/15)

Research: Quick Teacher-Parent Communications Can Reduce Dropouts (06/11/15)

Report: Latest Word on Optimal Length for Education Videos (06/10/15)

Report: Disinvestment by States Jeopardizes Equal Education Opportunities (06/09/15)

Researchers Testing the Impact of Text Formatting on Learning (06/04/15)

Smarter Balanced Teachers Meet To Develop New Test Questions (06/03/15)

Proposed Legislation May Expand Charter Schools, Reduce Teacher Licensing Requirements (06/02/15)

Counselors Mixed on Which College Entrance Exam Students Should Take (05/28/15)

'Honesty Gap' Misleads Parents and Educators on Student Proficiency (05/27/15)

Researchers To Study Student Achievement at Virtual Schools (05/26/15)

Anti-Poverty Initiatives Are Top Priority for State Teachers of the Year (05/21/15)

Charter Organizations Developing Their Own Teacher Training Programs (05/20/15)

California Physics Students Expose Energy Suck at District Office (05/19/15)

Amazon Launches Free AWS Service for Educators and Students (05/14/15)

Report: Grad Rates Inch Closer to 2020 Goal (05/13/15)

Research: Young Students Learn Better with Mix of Virtual and Real Worlds (05/12/15)

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