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THE Journal Magazine: August 2013

3 Online Speech Therapy Success Stories

Schools with limited resources or limited access to speech language pathologists are turning to virtual options to meet their students’ needs.

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  • Our Space: Editorial director Therese Mageau says that schools must teach students digital responsibility.
  • Here & Now: Everything you need to know about Common Core testing.
  • Product Roundup: The best new ed tech from InfoComm 2013.
  • Innovator: Michael Mason, Superintendent of Reeds Spring School District (MO) gives tips on launching a 1-to-1 initiative.
  • About Us/Index

August 2013 | vol. 40 no. 8

Can Gaming Improve Teaching and Learning?
Today’s sophisticated digital games are engaging students and conveying hard-to-teach concepts like failure and perspective. So why aren’t more classrooms playing along?
High-Tech Cheating
With the proliferation of mobile devices and instant access to the internet, cheating has become easier than ever. What can educators do to stop it?
MOOCs for AP
Open online courses offer the promise of education for everyone, but in K-12, their best application is helping high-achieving students get ahead.
Legal Issues in IT
A thicket of legal issues has sprung up in response to modern 1-to-1 and BYOD programs. In every rollout, schools have some tough choices to make.
Funding Survival Toolkit
As another academic year begins, familiar funding sources are offering new money, and new proposals hold out the promise of future funds.
Easing the Information Pipeline
Two new startups are helping save schools time by making constant input of student information a thing of the past.
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