3D Graphics Package Sells for Under $150

Positioned as the entry-level standard for 3D graphics and animation, Caligari trueSpace/SE delivers full-featured 3D modeling, rendering and broadcast-quality animation for the suggested retail price of $149. An intuitive interface combines real-time manipulation of objects and professional quality output with ease of use. Users are immersed in full 3D perspective to shape objects as naturally as if working with clay. Designers can view a 3D object from all angles, rotate it in space, and directly bend, twist, mold and manipulate it to create flying 3D text, titles and logos, slide-ready illustrations, animations for video output and more. trueSpace/SE complements existing graphics tools, such as CorelDRAW and Adobe Illustrator. Caligari Corp., Mountain View, CA, (415) 390-9600. W

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.