Facilitates Work in the 3D World Animation Suite Includes Nine Volumes of Scenes

Visual Reality 2.0 equips graphic artists, designers and multimedia developers with a complete toolkit for working in the 3D world. The program consists of four modules: RenderizeLive, Visual Model, Visual Image and Visual Font. Users have control over independent keyframing and animation of all objects and lights, and can import Video for Windows files as color textures, bump maps, projector lights and backgrounds. Modeling tools include push/pull, melt, stretch, twist and bend. One may combine or collage photos and images of any resolution or color depth and then perform multi-layer image processing and enhancement to modify the appearance. In addition, Visual Reality contains nine volumes of scenes, textures, backdrops and objects. Visual Software, Woodland Hills, CA, (818) 883-7900. W

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.