Science Bundle Includes Level I Videodisc Player

The Science Sleuths bundle for middle schools combines Pioneer's videodisc and barcode technology with Videodis-covery's award-winning instructional software. For a suggested retail price of $795, the value-added bundle includes the Pioneer CLD-E2000 Level I LaserDisc Player, the UC-V109BC barcode reader and a limited edition of the Science Sleuths videodisc and barcoded guidebook with 12 interactive mysteries. Students work as a class or in teams to evaluate test samples, experiments, testimony, articles, photos, charts and other data relating to a scientific problem. Teachers can selectively access information with the supplied remote control or barcode reader. For those who wish to control their videodisc player with a computer, Pioneer offers the CLD-V2800, the firm's lowest priced Level III player. Pioneer New Media Technologies, Long Beach, CA, (800) LASER-ON.

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.