Claris Offers Cross-Platform Solution for Diagramming

ClarisImpact 2.0 provides a cross-platform solution for creating a wide range of graphics, including organizational charts, flow charts, project time lines, and calendars. The software runs native on Windows, Macintosh or Power Mac systems; files are easily transferred across mixed environments without translation. New presentation features include an integrated outliner, a slide sorter "light table" for quick rearranging of slides, and over 50 transition effects. Also new to Version 2.0 is DataDraw, which instantly creates graphics from any tab- or comma-separated data. For example, ClarisImpact can take records from a human resources database and generate an organizational chart. The software ships with DataDraw templates for Claris FileMaker Pro and Microsoft Excel. Plus, over 2,000 symbols and fully editable clip art reside in drag-and-drop libraries. Claris Corp., Santa Clara, CA, (800) 544-8554. WM

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.