Internet Training for K-12 Trains Teachers & Others

The CyberWISE Internet School Pack combines five instructional products with an In-Service Guide and a Teacher's Guide. There is no need for an online connection; training shows one how to use the Internet before ever logging on. The five products, developed by The Saratoga Group, are: How to Get Started on the Internet; How to Use the World Wide Web; How to Find Things on the Internet; How to Use E-mail on the Internet; and The Internet Reference Desk. Training is hands-on, with real-world exercises done via simulations. Made just for teacher training, the In-Service Guide includes activities such as finding and downloading lesson plans, connecting to Web sites for class projects, and creating a Web page for class information. In the Teacher's Guide are pointers to material in the programs that prepare students for Internet projects. It explains which sections of the CyberWISE programs to use for specific topics. There is also a sample School/ Student Internet contract that spells out usage rules and behavioral standards. The School Pack, with an SRP of $395, includes a school site license. It suits placement in libraries or media centers, classrooms, teacher centers, and more. CyberWISE School Software, Gilroy, CA, (800) 771-SURF. WM

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.