Planning Systems Monitor Students With Special Needs

EPLAN and TPLAN are interactive computer-based IEP and transition planning systems respectively, whereby special education teachers, guidance counselors, agency providers and others can effectively develop the appropriate goals for their students. To save teachers time, a form filler follows all current state and federal regulations and guidelines, while a hypertext/help facility defines all relevant terms. Parents and students can increase their input by completing a built-in questionnaire. Both systems monitor student progress from year to year, identifying needs in areas such as residential, financial, transportation, vocational training, motor skills, reading, health, communication, science and arts. A Service Provider Database identifies agencies in the region that can help meet schools' goals. Besides specific student data, users can enter additional notations, assessment information or explanations relating to personal characteristics. Analysis and Simulation, Inc., Buffalo, NY, (800) 632-0172. DM

This article originally appeared in the 11/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.