Returning Students Have New Video to Help

A video called "The Emerging Learner" is the first project to come from the International Community College (ICC), a cooperative corporation formed by the League for Innovation in the Community College and Jones Education Networks. Produced by Dallas Telecourses, "The Emerging Learner" aims to help adult students succeed, equipping them with life-long learning skills that are readily transferable to the workplace. A humorous, fast-paced approach keeps interest, while teaching effective learning skills. The video program prepares students for distance education settings. A modular format for the video lets it be delivered as one 90-minute program, three 30-minute programs, or nine 10-minute segments. Available to all League for Innovation schools, the video will be used by all future products developed by the ICC to support all students who will be taking courses via telecommunications. International Community College, Englewood, CO, (303) 792-3111.

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.