Tutorial for Desktop Publishing is Interactive

ColorCourse/Illustration and ColorCourse/Image- setting are two new subsets for ColorExpert Tutorial. The Tutorial is an interactive guide to all aspects of the desktop color design/production cycle and is used by Apple and Adobe for internal training and endorsed by the International Prepress Association and the Association for Graphic Arts Training. ColorCourse/Illustration covers issues in the monitor and print reproduction, creating reflective artwork for scanning, preparation of electronic illustrations, making smooth blends, plus an interactive/hypertext troubleshooting section. ColorCourse Imagesetting covers contemporary imaging options, imagesetting to film, printing to a film recorder or digital press and plating directly from the file. For educational orders contact ITP Delmar Publishers at (800) 998-7498. ColorExpert Inc., Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (416) 504-3894. M

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.