UNIX SW Breaks File Size Barrier

TeraFile, a UNIX file-system module that breaks the two GB file-size barrier, is now available. TeraFile provides 64-bit file access for existing 32-bit UNIX operating systems. Files can grow beyond the limitations of the underlying operating system and can be extended in place, without restructuring the file-system partition. Users can now utilize 64-bit files that are actually composed of an unlimited number of separate 32-bit physical extensions located anywhere on the network. New applications taking advantage of TeraFile's 64-bit file sizes will find that most 32-bit system calls work without modification. Applications requiring finer control of managed files with 64-bit file offsets can use an included API library; 64-bit versions of standard UNIX commands are also included. Server and client licenses are available. Programmed Logic Corp., Somerset, NJ, (908) 302-0090. U

This article originally appeared in the 12/01/1995 issue of THE Journal.