ISDN Comes to Multi-Point Videoconf. Sys.

The PixlNet system now includes two ISDN interfaces using a stand-alone, PC-based device called the Primary Rate Interface controller.

PixlNet is a real-time, interactive multipoint videoconferencing control system that provides multiple virtual networks for both private and switched network applications.

Using the new controller, both Basic Rate Interface (BRI) and Primary Rate Interface (PRI) capabilities with multisession bonding are available. Multisession bonding is a protocol allowing transmission of multiple users over a single PRI line, providing efficient bandwidth management.

"Because 80% of all videoconferencing traffic is 384K or less, using T1 or fractional T1 lines is not cost-effective," notes John Holobinko, ADC Video Systems.

Additionally, the firm is implementing Non-Facility Associated Signaling (NFAS) and triple BRI interface. Using NFAS allows up to 20 PRI lines to be controlled by a single "D" channel. ADC Video Systems, Meriden, CT, (800) 504-4443.

This article originally appeared in the 01/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.