FORTRAN Compiler Is Optimized for Mac

Supporting a complete 32-bit programming model since 1988, LS FORTRAN is a full ANSI FORTRAN 77 compiler with extensions for VAX, Cray, Data General and Microsoft PC FORTRAN.

The program comes in two versions: one that generates 68K code (with or without FPU) and one that generates native code for the Power Macintosh. Source code is compatible between these two compilers.

LS FORTRAN supports all VAX intrinsic functions and data types, and virtually all VAX extensions. It features built-in debugging, MPW environment, free runtime licenses and full compatibility with virtual memory under System 7.

It also supports a variety of third-party tools to customize any FORTRAN environment. Power Tools include graphing software, subroutine libraries and user interface tools. Fortner Research LLC, Sterling, VA, (703) 478-0181, langsys.

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.