Internet Scripting SW Runs in Background

Designed to work in conjunction with popular authoring tools and AppleScript-aware productivity applications, Marionet is a complete, script-level interface to the Internet that runs in the background.

The program responds to simple, English-like commands from authoring tools such as HyperCard, Director and Allegiant's own SuperCard, or from productivity applications that support attachable AppleScripts, like FileMaker Pro or Userland Frontier.

Marionet also uses Apple's Thread Manager to full advantage for asynchronous operation, and has complete control over HTTP, NNTP, e-mail, FTP, DNS and Gopher Internet protocols.

Applications range from Web page authoring to personal or collaborative applications. A free trial version of Marionet is available on the firm's Web site. Allegiant Technologies, Inc., San Diego, CA, (619) 587-0500,

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.