Scanning Program Boasts "Form Intelligence"

Version 3.5 of Forms-On- Command takes advantage of "form intelligence," a feature that monitors such things as toner density and skewing to automatically set form sensitivity.

The software is designed to create, print and scan on-demand custom optical mark recognition (OMR) forms using a standard single-sided or duplex laser printer and OMR scanner. It also includes heightened custom response block creation as well as new translator features.

Slugger, another package, is designed to pre-slug (mark in machine-readable format) information onto pre-printed OMR forms using a standard single-sided or duplex laser printer. Student names, ID numbers and grade levels can be added to forms before they are distributed, increasing completion rates and data integrity. Scanning Concepts, Inc., Duluth, MN, (800) 362-3282. WD

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.