View Mac Disks & CDs On IBM Compatibles

Useful in the mixed platform environment of the educational arena, MacOpener for Windows lets users view and format Macintosh floppy disks and SCSI-based media, as well as view Mac CD-ROMs on their PC. They can also access Mac formatted disks through File Manager, DOS or any Windows program.

One can preview Mac text and graphics files and retrieve file information, such as file format, before copying them to a PC. When using MacOpener with Windows 95 or NT, the full Macintosh file name is retained; when using Windows 3.1 or DOS, the program automatically puts appropriate PC file extensions or Macintosh file type and creator on the file so it can be opened by the correct applications.

SCSI devices supported include: SyQuest drives, CD-ROM drives, Zip drives, Bernoulli drives, Sony rewritable disc drives (Magneto-Optical) and Macintosh hard drives. DataViz, Trumbull, CT, (800) 733-0030. WD

This article originally appeared in the 03/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.