Atlanta Schools Install Advanced Network

INTERPRISE Networking Services, the data networking arm of U.S. West and MediaOne, signed a $1.7 million agreement with the Atlanta Public School System to provide a complete data communications networking solution for connecting over 40,000 students, teachers and administrators at 120 locations.

The network will encompass hardware, software and services, and will be monitored by experts around the clock. The critical customer premises hardware necessary to exploit the INTERPRISE Frame Relay Service is manufactured by Cisco.

With the system, teachers and administrators will be able to share files quickly, and students will enjoy access to the Internet. Each school will be served by a 56K circuit that delivers the frame relay service connection into the network infrastructure. Board of Education administrative offices will be served by 1.5 Mbps circuits. U.S. West INTERPRISE Networking Services, Denver, CO, (800) 328-2879,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.