Corel Corp. Aquires WordPerfect Family

Corel Corp., together with its Irish and U.S. subsidiaries, has entered into an agreement to acquire from Novell Corp. of Orem, Utah, the WordPerfect family of software and other related technologies.

Corel will assume technical support responsibilities and receive the rights to all technology necessary for the WordPerfect 7 and PerfectOffice 7 releases scheduled for later this spring. The acquisition will allow Corel to distribute these products through its international sales channels.

In addition, Corel will license the GroupWise client software and Envoy electronic publishing software for inclusion in the PerfectOffice suite with offerings such as the firm's flagship products, CorelDRAW 6 and Corel VENTURA 6.

Through other licensing arrangements, Corel will incorporate technologies owned and developed by Novell, such as QuickFinder and linguistics, into existing Corel applications. Corel Corp., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, (800) 77-COREL,

This article originally appeared in the 04/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.