Graphics Firm Invites Campus Partners

The Alias/Wavefront Education Program is a comprehensive software, support and services program specially developed for educational institutions that wish to use the firm's sophisticated 3D design, visualization and animation products within curricula. Ideal candidates for participation are institutions with an industrial design, architecture or graphic/visual arts program; digital media and visualization labs; a fine arts program with a focus on computer animation or design; a well-established program in physical sciences with a requirement for visualization; or a computer science program with a major in computer graphics. Packages have been assembled for particular curriculums. The Design Package, for example, comprises Studio, StudioPaint and Composer. Alias/Wavefront also assists in the job search process by publishing the names of selected graduating students in the customer newsletter and on their Web server. Alias/Wavefront, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, (800) 447-2542,

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.