Share Serial Devices Over Mac Network

SerialWay EN is a three-port RS-232 serial server with Ethernet interface allowing any standard serial device, such as modems, plotters and printers, to be accessible to all Macs on the network.

Users can, for example, share a high-speed ISDN terminal adapter and modem to access the Internet and online services. Or, the unit can be configured as a fax server for in- and out-bound faxing.

Port selection is done manually, from the Chooser, or automatically, by linking an application to a given port. SerialWay works with all popular communication applications and drivers; a LocalTalk version, SerialWay LT, is also available. International Transware, Inc., Mountain View, CA, (415) 903-2300,

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.