System Integrates All School Tech Functions

TekNet, from Sprint/United Telephone-Florida, integrates clocks, bells, telephones, intercom, PA systems, electronic bulletin boards, multimedia retrieval, voice mail, satellite, online services and interactive distance learning into one homogenous system. From an Administrative Console located in a school's main office, users can easily coordinate and manage all audio, telephone, paging, information, time displays and security functions for maximum school-wide efficiency. The Media Center gives teachers automatic remote access to media resources. Teachers simply use their classroom telephones, computers or infrared remotes to access videos, CD-i, videodisc or still video for play over the in-class television. Plus, TekNet is open-ended cable grid, ensuring future compatibility for any combination of voice, video and data applications with upgraded systems. Sprint/United Telephone-Florida, Altamonte Springs, FL, (407) 889-1275.

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.