Training System Now Covers Win95 Titles

VisualPREP CD is a self- paced software training product, based on ComputerPREP's line of instructor-led training materials. The CD allows individuals to complete lessons on their computer, rather than attending a training class or watching a video. "With VisualPREP CD, the user has all the advantages of VCR-like controls to pause, fast-forward or rewind -- simply by clicking a mouse button" said Michael Holliday, president of ComputerPREP. "The application can be open at the same time, so the user can stop the lesson and practice a technique, then resume the lesson when ready, all without leaving the computer." The newest Windows 95 titles include Windows 95 Transition, for those upgrading from 3.1, and two modules for those who are new to Windows. ComputerPREP, Ph'enix, AZ, (800) 228-1027. W

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.