Writing Pkg. Ships w/Language Kits

Nisus Software has negotiated an agreement to offer three of Apple Computer's Language Kits with its multilingual NisusWriter document processor. Customers who purchase the package directly from Nisus can choose one, two or all three of Apple's Hebrew, Arabic and Cyrillic Language Kits. The Language Kits extend MacOS WorldScript support for multiple language documents. Nisus Writer users can switch languages on the fly, creating documents with text and sound annotations in several languages. The latest version, enhanced for the Power Mac, includes Mac-LinkPlus translators for Microsoft Word versions 4 - 6; WordPerfect versions 2 - 3.1; and Rich Text Format (RTF). Nisus Writer 4.1 also boasts HTML authoring tools, unlimited undos, extensive online help, Smart Style Sheets and automatic indexing. Nisus Software, Inc., Solana Beach, (800) 890-3030, www.nisus-soft.com.

This article originally appeared in the 05/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.