SW Helps Students Learn Literary Skills

Media Trek evaluates how well students have read selected high-quality literature, helping them to monitor their own comprehension. Using model lessons, literary elements, an online dictionary and help screens, it promotes high-level thinking skills while providing valuable student feedback.

The program features colorful graphics, animation, video and voice narration. It provides model lessons for 10 thematic literary units; enrichment activities that support developmental reading stages; feedback relative to story content and much more. Student exercises can cover elements such as setting, character, problem/ goal, resolution, theme and inner conflicts.

Media Trek keeps the teacher in constant control, giving access to insightful records across grade levels and listed by student, reading group, class or school. Educators can pinpoint student strengths or weaknesses, and print out detailed reports for parents. A free demo CD-ROM is available. Demco Media, Madison, WI, (800) 448-8939. WM

This article originally appeared in the 06/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.