Course Designer Saves Teachers' Time

Course Advantage is software that lets instructors create, edit and print teaching plans quickly and easily. It presents a conceptual hierarchy to organize course content relative to instructional goals.
The instructor maps course information in an outline by entering detailed descriptions in course, unit, lesson and module windows. Course Advantage then shows the relationships between the units of a course, the lessons in each unit and the modules in each lesson, providing a methodology to assure that all components fit together to produce an instructionally sound lesson plan.
This heirarchical mapping approach lets instructors lay out and organize all or part of a course, obtain a quick depiction of the instructional tasks ahead, or produce detailed lesson plans for personal or staff use. Ball State University, Office of Academic Research & Sponsored Programs, Muncie, IN, (317) 285-1624, W

This article originally appeared in the 08/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.