Books Not for Dummies Anymore

The ...For Teachers series of books from IDG, publishers of the popular ...For Dummies series (Windows 95 for Dummies, etc.), are formatted like mini-instruction courses and are targeted specifically at time-challenged educators. Written by technologically knowledgeable educators, this line of books provides learning tools to help educators stay abreast of technology products and trends for themselves and their students. Various titles cover topics in a methodical, easy-to-digest fashion that helps teachers explore fundamentals first, then takes them to higher levels of competence. In addition to practical tips for using specific technologies in the classroom, each book in the ...For Teachers series includes a floppy disk or CD-ROM containing templates to help teachers better manage their workload and clip art to liven up their curriculum. Titles include Windows 3.1 and 95, WordPerfect 6.1 for Windows, Word 6 for Windows, Excel for Windows, Excel for Windows 95 and Word for Windows 95. IDG Books Worldwide, Foster City, CA, (415) 655-3000,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.