Build MM Portfolio with Kodak Bundle

Combining the Kodak Digital Science DC40 Camera with Scholastic software, a new bundle helps teachers and students build a multimedia portfolio of their work and progress. The DC40 digital camera stores up to 48 images in internal memory before downloading. It features an auto-focus lens; screw-on lenses for wide-angle; close-up and telephoto shots; two picture-quality options; and a built-in flash. With Scholastic's Electronic Student Portfolio, one can import writing and graphics from other Macintosh programs, scan in images, and add sound and video. Content can be easily organized by subject, theme or project. Included with the bundle is a CD-ROM with sample student-assessment portfolios for every grade level (Pre-K through 12). For more information, call The Learning Zone at (206) 603-2400. Kodak Digital Science, Rochester, NY, (800) 939-1630,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.