Card Connects PC to IBM AS/400

The Affinity 5250 PCMCIA Adapter allows a desktop PC to connect to an IBM AS/400 or S/3X, directly or from a remote location, providing access to host files, databases, shared folders and more. Designed to run in Type II and III PCMCIA slots, each adapter supports multiple terminal and printer sessions on a single PC. IBM register-level compatibility eliminates software conflicts and ensures continuous, uninterrupted operation even as new PC or IBM host software is introduced. The Affinity 5250 PC Adapter can run Client Access/400, Personal Communications AS/400, OS/2 Communications Manager, Netsoft Midrange Client Services, Rumba/400 and any other 5250 emulation software. Affinity Systems, Lansdale, PA, (800) 432-1774,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.