Learn Details of Castle Life

Based on Stephen Biesty's best-selling book, Castle, Castle Explorer, a CD by DK Multimedia, features incredibly detailed cutaway illustrations, three-dimensional rooms and an extensive glossary and index. Visitors enter a 14th-century castle on a secret mission -- to uncover details of castle life and to find a secret tunnel out. Ten detailed cutaway "slices" of the castle show intricate details of castle areas and users can zoom in on these illustrations to choose where to explore. Sound effects, pop-up screens and links to further information add to the fun. Sections of the castle roof can be "lifted" to observe activities, and brickwork can be dissolved to see what lies underneath. To find out specific information on castle life, users can consult the books in the Chained Library: Trades and Skills; Domestic Life; Hygiene, Health and Medicine; Food and Farming; Crime and Punishment; and Warfare and Defense. The CD-ROM contains 40,000 words, four hours of audio, more than 100 interactive 3D objects, ten scrolling close-up panoramas, four 3D rooms, five talking video characters, six illuminated books of knowledge, three medieval disguises, a glossary and an index. DK Multimedia, New York, NY, (212) 213-4800, www.dk.com.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.