Projector Exploits DLP Technology

The Desktop Projector 4100 from Proxima combines Texas Instruments' new Digital Light Processing (DLP) technology and Adobe Systems' Acrobat Player to permit photo-realistic, worry-free presentations with or without a computer connected. With Adobe Acrobat software resident on their PC or Macintosh, users create a document and save it as a PDF file onto a diskette. By inserting this diskette into the projector, Proxima's MediaExpress system opens and plays back the file, whether a business presentation, software demonstration or multimedia lesson. One can also later add content from any PDF file, add links and transitions, and rearrange slides for more effective delivery. The 24-pound unit comes with a Cyclops interactive pointer, which operates up to 40 feet from the screen. The DP 4100 projects 16.7 million true colors at 640 x 480 resolution on screens measuring 2-12 feet diagonally. According to the firm, DLP is superior to three-panel LCD technology in four critical areas: color accuracy, uniformity of illumination, image clarity and brightness. Other highlights are rear projection, ceiling mountable installation, multiple computer and video inputs, superior keystone correction and an optional motorized zoom lens. Plus, a Workgroup Mode triples brightness for monochrome, high-detail applications such as spreadsheets or text-intensive documents. Proxima Corp., San Diego, CA, (619) 457-5500,

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.