Turner Releases 11 More Ed. Videos

Turner Multimedia (TMM)has added 11 new titles to its library of educational videos. Each video comes with a curriculum guide containing a subject summary along with discussion questions, glossary of terms, bibliographic listings and follow-up viewing materials. Some new titles: China: the Wild West examines the vibrant new China emerging from its post-Mao period and its effects on world politics and economics. In Vietnam: Coming to Terms, CNN's Bernard Shaw in Washington, D.C., and various correspondents look back 20 years at the Vietnam War and its legacy in the United States and Vietnam. Hoop Dreams documents two African American teenagers, Arthur Agee and William Gates, and their struggle to get out of a tough Chicago neighborhood using their talent at basketball. Other videos deal with a South Georgia Confederate prison camp, survivors of the Holocaust, baseball player Hank Aaron, current events and plants. Besides releasing these new videos, TMM has updated 10 of its most popular titles, including Canada: A Nation Divided and Black History Minutes. Turner Multimedia, Atlanta, GA, (800) 639-7797.

This article originally appeared in the 09/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.