ESL Package Based On Popular Textbook

Adapted from the popular Lingual House textbook, Firsthand Access prepares ESL/LEP students to communicate in English. Through animated dialogs, listening exercises, interactive conversations and games, students practice the natural language they need for daily life and in the classroom. The program contains 12 units on two CD-ROMs, each unit beginning with a Conversation that presents its language points in an animated dialog. The language is then reviewed and extended in a Listening Lesson, which encourages students to listen for selected information. In Pair Work, students practice making and answering questions through an interactive session with Lance, their animated conversation partner. Four of the units also include a Vocabulary Review section, in a matching game. Firsthand Access includes English-English, Japanese, Korean, Spanish and French language support. DynEd Int'l., Foster City, CA, (800) 765-4375,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.