Mac SW Eases E-Mail Pains

Claris OfficeM@il is designed for school administrative offices that want to share e-mail and use the Internet to communicate with peers, district offices, parents and suppliers. OfficeM@il runs on any existing AppleTalk or TCP/IP network, has low hardware and system requirements (68020-based Mac or higher, 4 MB RAM) and requires only one modem for an entire office. It supports MIME, TCP/IP, SMTP, POP3, BinHex, UUencoding and Base 64 protocols, and will host both Mac and Windows e-mail clients. The package includes the award-winning Claris Emailer, which enables users to send, receive, reply to and store messages and files quickly and easily. Its Mail Actions sort, file and even reply to messages automatically. OfficeM@il makes it easy to add or delete accounts, print user/ account lists, reset passwords, make system backups and more. Claris Corp., Santa Clara, CA, (800) 544-8554,

This article originally appeared in the 10/01/1996 issue of THE Journal.